Georges Rhumerie French Fusion Restaurant


Our cuisine

Our food style is quite unique, inspired by Georges multi-cultural background and yet still truly authentic and honest as the French Creole cuisine. Reunion Island, French and Asian cuisine are our inspiration.


Fresh n’ Tasty!

Once upon a time, 5 years ago, Georges found himself in Cambodia after a long voyage from La Reunion Island.This old French colony is very similar to Georges’ homeland, being equally sunny and fruity. Soon, Georges found himself returning to his old habits. In the evening he experimented with blending local flavours with his favourite obsession: rum! Come and taste it for free!



Cambodia’s flavours, fruity and spicy, sweet and sour. Georges Rhumerie is a story about family and the love of cooking. George started a few years ago with ten different recipes of infused rum. His native island, La Reunion inspired the amazing flavours, but each have a Cambodian touch.

In this land bursting with tropical fruits and hot chillies a passion quickly grew. Paired with the need to share a piece of his country Georges was compelled to create a full range of preserves (jams, chutney and chilli pastes) to accompany the infused rums.

The results were delicious so Georges couldn’t be stopped here. Georges Rhumerie production, Show Room, Restaurant & Bar are all experiences that compliment each other, we are a family and we welcome you to our slice of home.

We have fine gifts in the form of our delicious rums and preserves, which come in adorable ethical packaging. You will find the perfect gift to take home to your friends and family. In the spirit of sharing, jams, chutney and chilli pastes are available for free tasting at Georges Rhumerie – Siem Reap.