Georges Rhumerie and Restaurant


We just love Creole Cuisine! At Georges Rhumerie and French Restaurant Siem Reap, our unique take on French Creole is inspired by Georges’ multicultural background. The flavours of his home on Reunion Island combine with French and Asian influences to create new twists on classic dishes. But remaining an authentic expression of Creole fusion cuisine.

We believe a passion for food and excellence in customer service are key to the happiness of our guests. Georges’ kitchen is hard at work every day crafting infused rum, jams, chillies, chutneys, sausages, tofu and much more.

Our famous pork sausages are a favourite in homes on La Reunion and Madagascar. Ours are made to Georges’ own family recipe. A dozen different rums are distilled and infused on site, before being aged to perfection. We use  only fresh organic ingredients. We strive to maintain the highest possible standards.

Our home-made meat-free sausages, tofu and gratins make us a favourite vegetarian restaurant for many of our guests. We are also a vegan friendly restaurant. We offer a range of dishes available to choose from.Our staff are always happy to create something special on request to fit your dietary needs.

Georges Rhumerie offers a casual yet elegant dining experience.Featuring a stylish, air-conditioned, indoor restaurant and a beautiful terrace garden Hidden just outside the city centre, transport is available from your hotel to our calm oasis on request. Just telephone or book online.

So for something a little different when searching where to eat in Siem Reap, let us share our passion. You may fall in love with Creole cuisine too!

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Our commitment to protecting the environment.

Plastic pollution is a huge environmental problem in Cambodia. Thousands affected each year as the economy and population grow. The lack of proper recycling facilities has led to even the mighty Mekong River becoming almost obstructed by discarded plastic and other waste, with potentially disastrous consequences.

At Georges Rhumerie we are committed to reducing plastic use throughout our supply chain. Raising awareness among the public of this issue.

As you travel the Kingdom of Wonder, please consider the environment in your purchases and perhaps take used plastic (such as sun-cream bottles for example) home with you to be recycled there. Together we can make a difference!

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