During our time in Siem Reap, we’ve met some amazing people and made some great friends along the way! As craft food people, we thought it would be great to work with like-minded businesses in town to bring you a more diverse menu, and expand the horizons of George’s love and passion for food.

Gelato Lab

Gelato Lab is an Italian-owned ice-cream shop in the heart of Siem Reap. Like us, Gelato Lab uses %100 natural ingredients, carefully chosen from various parts of the world to provide a truly authentic & natural taste. Offering an ever-changing menu featuring new flavours of gelato and sorbet, coffees, and cocktails, this place is not to be ignored during your visit to Siem Reap!
Pride, love, & passion for food is something that we have in common with Gelato Lab, so we’ve collaborated using some of our finest creations to put together some of Siem Reaps’ tastiest treats. Find some of them on our Desserts menu.

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Bayon Pastry School

Bayon Pastry School Coffee Shop is a little café with a delicious variety of pastries, drinks & food. The Coffee Shop was opened as a training school by L’Ecole du Bayon – an NGO registered in France that offers free education to impoverished Cambodian children. Each year, 20 young women are chosen for 11 months of free training at the Coffee Shop. Their training includes internships, accommodation, food, and training materials.

We love what Bayon Pastry School Coffee Shop is doing for their students, and the yummy treats they’re making, so we teamed up! Using Georges’ famous degustations, we are collaborating on Macaroons using our Jams, and Rum Boba’s to put a fun twist on our cocktails!

Visit the Coffee Shop and follow them on Facebook and Instagram to support their cause, and keep your eyes peeled for some George’s goodies on the shelf & on your plates!