Georges Rhumerie -Passion Unites Us

Once upon a time, Georges found himself in Cambodia after a long voyage from La Reunion Island. This old French colony is very similar to Georges’ homeland, being equally sunny and fruity. Soon, Georges found himself returning to his old habits. In the evening he experimented with blending local flavours with his favourite obsession: rum! Book your rum tasting experience!

Georges Gift Shop

We have fine gifts in the form of our delicious rums and preserves, which come in adorable ethical packaging. You will find the perfect gift to take home to your friends and family. In the spirit of sharing, jams, chutney and chilli pastes are available for tasting at Georges Rhumerie – Siem Reap. Book your rum tasting experience! 

Book your rum tasting experience!

Georges invites you to sample 12 infused rums, 6 jams, 3 chillies, and 3 chutneys based on old family recipes and enhanced with locally grown Cambodian fruits. Each bursts with unique flavours and is the result of years of experience and a passion for perfection in taste. Book your rum tasting experience! 
Georges is proud to announce that our range of infused rums is now 100% Cambodian and homemade! From today all of our signature range is made with rum we distill ourselves from local ingredients – making Georges’ infused rum better than ever! Book your rum tasting experience! 
    • Georges Craft Rums
      Based on our old family recipe from La Reunion Island we enhance the flavour by adding locally grown Cambodian fruits and few family secrets!

    • All of our rums are expertly matured for a minimum of 6 months and come in 10 exotic and exciting flavours.

    • From the fiery to the fresh, we will have the flavour for you.