Organic Rum Cocktails

Georges French Restaurant Siem Reap – Organic Cocktails.

All the way from La Reunion Islands, Georges brought with him and old family recipe of rum making. Its his old family recipe passed down from generation to generations. He commits himself on making organic

Restaurant Siem Reap Georges - Unique Dining Experienceand all natural rums. Cambodia is abundant on spices and fruits. He infuses his rums with local fruits and spices and age them to perfection.

Georges restaurant and distillery in Siem Reap is famous for its rum cocktails. No artificial flavoring and no juices from box/cartoon. Its all made from natural fruit juices and Georges  organic rum cocktails.  One of the best sellers is the cocktail called BOKATOR ( Pineapple rum, Lime juice, Sugarcane syrup, Pineapple jam, Coriander leaf.)

Visit Georges Distillery in Siem Reap and learn about rum making. Its history and the rum process itself. On your  arrival you will get a free shot of coconut rum.  Book now 


Cocktails available: