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Making our rum in Angkor, a french “savoir faire”

The rum making process is actually quite complex. We use our family technique to deliver a high quality product made 100% out of organic sugarcane juice. This, combined with our unique process, is what gives to our agricole rum its rich taste. Come and visit us to know why this way of making rum is different from the industrial process.

It all starts here

Selecting only the best and organic sugarcane from communities nearby, we exctract the juice out of it and use 100% of this juice to make our agricole rum.

Strong of years of expertise in combining different tastes together (working as a chef surely helped), Georges and his son followed the familial and traditional steps of the rum making to deliver a beverage rich both in taste and flavors. Come and learn more about the process! 

A savoir-faire à la française 

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Siem Reap faces countless issues related to environment, that is a fact. Here, we stand up and make a few steps toward eco friendly measures aiming a limiting our negative impact on the environment. From selecting organic sugarcane from nearby communities to using our canvas-based packaging, we do our best to minimize the use of plastic or other challenging materials.