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We partnered with Johnny Fitness Coaching !!!
To initiate recycling activities with the support of Refill not Landfill Asia. In addition we provide monthly vouchers for the expats and locals using the Johnny Fitness Coaching programs. As an individual, Johnny and Georges, and as companies we do share values so we also use recyclable bottle for our water and supplements when training.



Our idea was that, since we do sports every day we drink plenty of water. However, this makes us use plastic bottles a lot !
So instead of focusing on the tourists’ consumption of plastic , we decided to have a look at ourselves.
We, expats and locals, accept our share of responsibility regarding this situation here in Cambodia.
Here we are every day of the year, lifting weight, sweating and avoiding the use of one bottle of plastic at the time.

We hope that taking part to this initiative will be part of long-lasting solution to this recurrent problem we all face today.