Coming from the luscious Reunion Island it saddens us to see beautiful Cambodia struggle through an environmental crisis.

We recognise that tourism is a huge part of the problem, so we as a business want to do our bit to tread as lightly on this town as we can.

Plastic is one of the main offenders and something we have almost completely done away with at George’s, you will not find a whiff of a plastic bottle.

Our new labels for our products are recycled, plastic free and biodegradable. We will take your jars back too! When you return one of our jam, chilli or chutney jars we will give you 50 cent off your next fix.

When low season hit and you guys were twiddling your thumbs, we were making cat hats from used straws. Super easy and fun to make, and the cats love them. Youtube tutorial coming soon…

As well as the hats, we also recycle straws to make little gifts for our guests. Yes, we wash them first. The popular Bamboo straws can be unhygienic so we wanted to come up with a solution for recycling plastic ones. You get one of these little cuties at the end of your meal. We ask you to keep it, to remind you of us. Always! And then, one day, when it’s time to let go and you’re back in your home country with awesome recycling initiatives, you can dispose of it responsibly.

Plastic bags are arguably the most common forms of plastic pollution in Cambodia, so we teamed up with the amazing Cleanbodia team to kick those nasty plastic bags to the curb! Cleanbodia’s “plastic bags” are made from the locally-famous Cassava Root, making them entirely plastic-free, sustainable, and biodegradable in almost any environment!

We are also taking part in the #refillnotlandfill Cambodia initiative. Save plastic and come and fill up your water bottles for free at George’s.

Keep it green people!